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Whether you have hired a forklift before or this is the first time. Answer these questions to ensure you make the correct choice. 1. What type of equipment are you looking to rent? It’s fair to say forklifts come in many shapes, sizes and brand names. It’s, therefore, important that you fully explain the application… Full Story

Whether you have 1 truck or 100 in your fleet, hiring material handling equipment on a short-term basis gives your business an enormous amount of flexibility. Often deployed to by third party logistics companies to meet high peaks of demand, however, there are plenty of other reasons why we believe short-term rental will work for… Full Story

Technology can play a big part in minimising risk – Here are some of the latest systems that can help keep your employees safe as well as bring welcome efficiencies to your operation. Awareness Systems Blue Spot Lighting – Now fitted as standard on some premium equipment, including CAT® Lift Trucks’ latest range – Blue Spot Lighting… Full Story

Selecting, customising and using the right equipment – why it’s important, plus safety and business benefits There are three key areas within a fork truck fleet where investing in safety improvements can deliver a tangible return to the business, those being; The equipment itself Material flow through the operation Employing the latest safety technology However,… Full Story

One of the biggest mistakes when purchasing a used lift truck is being led by price. Remember a rule of thumb; often you get what you pay for! Think about your operational needs of today and tomorrow. If you need a spare truck or only have the occasional use for one, buying a used lift… Full Story