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Cat Lift Trucks provide a full range of engine-powered and electric counterbalance forklift trucks and warehouse equipment that includes power pallet trucks, tow trucks, high- and low-level order pickers and reach trucks. The complete range is designed to suit almost any internal or external application.

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Cat Electric EP15

Now available: New Generation 3 & 4 Wheel Electric Trucks

Versatile configurations and easily programmable operating characteristics let you match machine performance with operator experience and load type in virtually any internal application and many external ones up to 5.5 tonnes capacity.

Designed to deliver a highly productive work environment and reduced operator fatigue, common features include: a low step height; comfortable compartment, seat and controls; generous leg room; optimal instrument display panel; full or partial cabin options and extremely quiet operation. The Presence Detection System also encourages safer working.

Our new range of efficient and versatile 3 and 4- wheel, 48V electric trucks are available with lifting capacities from 1.3 – 2.0 tonnes. The small turning radius eases operation in confined spaces. Short wheelbase (C) models are available with 1.6 or 1.8t lifting capacities with the advantage of a smaller platform.

These trucks are designed to deliver the power and performance needed to maintain faster work cycles over longer periods of time. Low energy usage, plus durable components and ‘maintenance free’ brakes and lights contributes to long service intervals, delivering a low total cost of ownership.

PERFORMANCE: Achieves class leading residual lifting capacities and consumes less energy with systems such as electric steer-by-wire.

DURABILITY: Maintenance free Wet Disc Brakes, regenerative braking & 1000 hour service intervals for maximum up-time.

SAFETY: Safety features such as PDS+ with automatically applied parking brake and Intuitive Speed Control.

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Cat Diesel DP45

Rugged, durable and powerful forklift trucks with capacities that range from 1.5 to 16.0 tonnes, provide solutions for a wide range of materials handling both internal and external. Available with diesel power or low-emission LP Gas, advanced engine technology provides controllable, programmable power and fuel efficiency.

A number of safety features, including a Presence Detection System (PDS+), prevents accidental truck operation if the driver is not seated and familiar compartment layouts, steering, levers and pedals make it easy for operators to switch between trucks.

DP/GP15-55 Brochure

DP70N, DP100-160N Brochure


Cat Warehouse Reach Truck

In designing its new NR-N2 reach truck range, Cat® Lift Trucks has focused on increasing profitability by maximising performance, empowering operators and cutting costs. The results can be seen in class-leading residual capacities, innovative ergonomics, high energy efficiency and low maintenance needs.

Boosting productivity

One key to the Cat® reach truck’s productivity is the development of its Responsive Drive System (RDS). The advanced mast handling features of RDS speed up lifting and lowering, smooth out the starts and stops during reach movements and give accurate control of tilting and sideshifting.

RDS also includes new mast and reach technology, for high stability and minimal sway, and a choice of user-set performance modes or engineer-customised settings for different needs.

Maximum lift from the poweRamic mast is an impressive 13 metres, and capacity retention at high lifts is the best in this class. As an extra, buyers can opt for the latest pre-set height selector. Easier to use than any other available on the market, it allows faster and safer stacking.

Empowering operators

For the N2 generation, Cat Lift Trucks has given operators a totally redesigned adjustable armrest which combines anatomical support with free movement and perfect hand positioning. It features spring-force-optimised fingertip hydraulic controls or, if preferred, an intuitive joystick control option.

The range

There are eleven models to choose from, with a capacity range from 1.4 to 2.5 tonnes…


Cat Warehouse

Smooth, programmable AC power matched with rugged chassis designs and long service intervals make these machines a safe choice to handle diverse internal applications, provide excellent productivity and deliver low total costs of operation.

Power pallet trucks


Order picking trucks

Reach trucks