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Impact Handling Invest in a Trime X-SPLASH Forklift Wash Bay

The pristine presentation of our forklifts when being delivered to our customers is vitally important to us at Impact Handling.

We began our search online to find a cleaning solution that wouldn’t involve any excavations or permanent connections, whilst ensuring we complied with all UK Environmental Acts.

The result of our investigations was the discovery of the Trime X-SPLASH Wash Bay.

This is why we chose the X-SPLASH Forklift Wash Bay

The X-SPLASH is an ecological, flexible cleaning system for most types of plant and machinery.  It helps to prevent soil pollution and contamination of drains from oil, grease and other chemical contaminants commonly associated with the regular cleaning of site equipment. The cleaning area is connected to the rear solids collection tank section, which recycles the water through a system of filters, which means that all heavy solids are safely contained and easily removed. From here the dirty water is pumped into the filtration tank where a series of filters removes smaller solid particulates, hydrocarbons and oils. Easy access to both the solids collection tank and filtration tank ensures all contaminates are disposed of properly.

Saving Money and Water

Trime UK have calculated that using an X-SPLASH Wash Bay will save an annual amount of approximately £4,200 in water charges, with a consequential reduction in water usage of 1,317,600 litres annually. It can also be dismantled, moved and re-erected in a few hours.

Commenting on this purchase, Glynn Holland, Equipment Preparation Manager said, “We began our search for a wash bay in earnest earlier this year. From looking at the Trime website, it appeared that the X-SPLASH had all the attributes we were seeking. The X-SPLASH is now up and running and in use daily.”

The X-Splash’s is a recipient of a Green Apple award. These awards are organised by The Green Organisation, an international, independent, non-political, non-profit environment group dedicated to recognising, rewarding and promoting environmental best practice around the world.