10-Point Winter Service Check

As the nights are drawing closer, so does the change in temperature and weather conditions that may affect the reliability and operation of your forklift trucks and warehouse equipment. Extreme weather, particularly snow and ice, often result in key operating components taking a beating. These risks are often overlooked, leaving your equipment open to potential problems when they may be at their busiest.

Minimise risk and costs

Impact’s thorough 10-point Winter Forklift Check ensures the risks posed by extreme weather conditions are kept to a minimum, resulting in safer and more economical materials handling equipment. Our local Service Engineer will examine your forklift from head to toe, ensuring it is up to scratch, so you can maximise productivity.

What do we cover?

Component Purpose
Tyres (tread depth) Work surfaces over the winter months are more hazardous due to bad weather. A flat worn or flat tyre affects braking distances
Radiator and Anti-freeze A frozen radiator will incur significant damage to the engine. There is a possibility for radiator to have a leak and anti-freeze escaping
Brakes and steering (Operational check) Steering and brakes only work efficiently with well-treaded tyres. Driver safety can be affected
Battery voltage / load check Cold weather may cause an old battery to fail. This only becomes apparent when the battery is tested with a load
Alternator If the alternator is not charging the battery correctly then the battery will discharge, resulting in forklift with no power
Oil levels By ensuring oil and other lubricants are kept topped helps keep the truck running smoothly in the cold
Lights, Beacon and Safety features (horns) Blue/Red warning lights As the nights draw in, it is paramount that the driver is able to see clearly. Extra seasonal demand may result in later shift times also
Cab/ wiper By checking the guard + wiper is working correctly increases the operator safety and comfort
Grease points Making sure the truck is greased up correctly prevents mast and axel damage
Starter motor A truck that starts up at all times is a more reliable one

Get all of this, plus the peace of mind of maintaining up time for just £99*

*Price includes all labour, any top ups, consumables and a full report and recommendations

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