Carer is considered a pioneer in the application of heavy duty electric forklifts. Continuous investment in research, innovation and the study of components are the basis for the design and development of Carer products.

Unlike traditional electric trucks the Carer models offer a compact design which allows them to compete with IC powered trucks in this sector. Traditional electric machines can require frequent battery changes, but the high performance Carer Forklifts are all fitted with large batteries giving them an excellent charge life and power from 96-120 volts. With low maintenance costs and a long running life, these trucks make up one of the most competitive electric ranges on the market.



Carer Electric Forklift Truck Range - environmentally-friendly

The Carer range was designed from the ground up to help companies cut their greenhouse gas emissions and lower their running costs by switching to electric power. The development of highly efficient batteries is making a switch to electric power easier than ever before – as well as offering considerable costsavings and far more environmentally-friendly operations.


Carer Electric Forklift Truck Range - high productivity

Carer’s forklift trucks ensure high productivity in confined spaces with impressive stability; especially when compared with “common” machines, they move in a considerably smaller amount of space. Warehouses are exploited to the maximum wherever items can be stored and up to the maximum heights that can be reached.


Carer Electric Forklift Truck Range

Powerful . Reliable . Electric Forklifts up to 16 tonne and more…. Carer is the only company in the world that designs and makes electric forklift trucks with a capacity ranging from 4.5 tons to 12 tons and that can fully enter inside containers to load and unload goods.
F Series – Extremely compact, with great comfort and performance.
Ranges from 1600kg to 8000kg (80 and 96v)
Z Series – The shortest and most compact forklift truck in the range. High seat position for the best visibility and safety for the operator even with large loads.
Ranges from 2500kg to 15 000kg (96 and 120v)
R Series – Forklift Trucks suitable for versatile applications both inside and outside.
Ranges from 4500kg to 16 000kg (80 and 120v)
K Series – The most comprehensive range of forklift trucks for materials handling inside containers.
Ranges from 4500kg to 12000kg (80 and 96v)

NEW A SERIES - A80-900X, A90X AND A100X

Carer Electric Forklift Trucks - A series

The Carer A80-900X has a lifting capacity of 8,000kg at 900mm load centre, and is powered by a trio of highly-efficient electric motors – two 15 kW traction motors and a 52 kW pump motor. The motors perform at speeds of up to 5,400 rpm with high torque, providing ground speed of up to 20km/h and lifting speeds up to 0.50m/sec. Such power ensures efficient and quick operations, plus excellent manoeuvrability in a tight warehouse.

The truck’s 96V battery is divided into two boxes stored side by side and was designed for fast inspection and replacement. This series comes equipped with a separate, sealed cabin mounted on ‘silent’ blocks, which cuts vibration for the driver and lowers the trucks’ noise level in operation, when combined with a hydraulic pump and front axle gears. The driving position offers excellent visibility, as the trucks’ masts were specially designed – on customer feedback – to vastly increase the driver’s field of view.


Carer Electric Forklift Trucks Industries

Thanks to its performance, its design and general structure, Carer forklifts provides an ideal solution for various applications in the paper industry, ports and logistics centres, iron and steel industry, automotive, wood, radioactive waste and beverages industries.