Move from diesel to electric power


Cat 4.0 – 5.5 tonne Counterbalance Forklifts

Designed and built in Europe, the all-new Cat 4.0 to 5.5 tonne counterbalance forklifts offer a remarkable set of capabilities that achieve new benchmarks in electric lift truck performance, while at the same time being more energy-efficient – and deliver the lowest total cost of ownership yet seen within their class. Each of the six models in the EP40-55(C)N(H) range is designed to maximise every possible electric advantage, challenging their counterpart diesel forklifts in terms of power and efficiency, while emitting zero pollution during operation. The trucks are also well protected against the elements, with major components such as the traction motors and controllers achieving IP54 and IP65 ratings respectively.

This new range really does present the most powerful case yet for moving from diesel to electric power. For many applications, its elevated performance and ability to operate seamlessly both in and outdoors, even in harsh environments and heavy weather conditions, will be hard to ignore.


#1 Environmentally Friendly

Enviromentally Friendly

These environmentally friendly trucks are more energy efficient – and quieter by far – than any other in their class, while emitting zero pollution during operation. Built for demanding indoor and outdoor applications, they offer you uncompromising power, durability, and a lower total cost of operation (TCO).

#2 Save On Maintenance Cost

Save on Maintenance Costs
  • Li-ion battery option adds even greater efficiency and runtime, along with minimal maintenance needs and much longer life, for lower long-term total cost of operation (TCO).
  • Easy access to battery compartment enables quick on-truck servicing and sideways exchange.
  • Battery inspection hatch option allows fast checking and water top-ups for lead-acid batteries.
  • Multi-function display encourages correct use and maintenance of truck.
  • Simple plug-in diagnostics and troubleshooting reduce downtime and maintain efficient performance.

#3 Save on Space

Save on Space

The trucks’ exceptional agility gives drivers the feeling of driving a much smaller machine, with dynamic aids, including OmniTurn all-wheel steering, providing better grip, smoother turns and unbeatable manoeuvrability. A 100°+ rear turning axle, allowing instant side turns without the need for initial backward movement. Electric differential lock maximises grip on slippery surfaces by locking front wheels to increase traction (activated automatically at small steering angles or manually via an optional pedal function).

Cat Responsive Drive System (RDS) adapts performance characteristics rapidly in reaction to driver behaviour and ensures all movements, stops and starts are smooth. Intelligent curve control maximises cornering safety by smoothly adjusting truck speed and minimising side forces.

#4 Quiet Operation


Driver welfare has been a key consideration throughout the development of the new range, ensuring an ergonomic environment and generous levels of equipment. Built for demanding indoor and outdoor applications, the trucks can be equipped with panel cabin options and additional comforts like air conditioning, directable ventilation and heating – bringing electric benefits to any industry sector or environment.

Onboard low-noise technology, including market-leading SilentRun+ hydraulic pumps and quiet drive units, combines with a spacious, uncluttered, vibration-free, floating operator compartment to keep drivers comfortable and stress-free. Both enclosed and open cabins give exceptionally clear all round views with no need to lean.

#5 Just as Powerful as a Diesel Forklift

Just as Powerful

A PowerBurst feature adds extra acceleration or climbing torque when needed, while electric differential locking helps in slippery conditions.

Onboard hydraulic technologies, including SmoothFlow, make materials handling even smoother, faster, safer and more precise by optimising mast and fork movements according to load weights and lift heights.

Automatic hydraulic control tuning maintains steady mast and chassis movements when lifting above 2.5 metres.

#6 Save on Fuel Costs

Save on Fuel Costs

Recharging a battery is cheaper than refuelling a diesel forklift and best-in-class energy efficiency extends working hours (runtime) per battery charge. ECO mode can be selected to lower electricity bills.

Pre-set ECO and PRO modes can be selected for different drivers and tasks, while customised settings (including lifting and lowering) can be applied by service engineers.