Cat Li-ion & Electric Pallet Trucks, Stackers, Reach Trucks & Order Pickers

Cat Lift Trucks has a complete range of warehouse equipment to cover a wide range of  applications including demanding environments and operation in extremes of temperature, such as cold stores.
Whatever the product you handle in your warehouse and whatever racking configuration you have, Cat Lift Trucks warehouse range has a solution to help you optimize your warehouse efficiency and return on investment.

The Range includes:

Hand Pallet Trucks

Lithium-ion Pallet Trucks

Powered Pallet Trucks

Low, Medium and High-level Order Pickers


Reach Trucks

Tow Tractors



Hand pallet trucks (also known as pump trucks) are still an essential tool for any operator who needs to move single pallets over short distances, and can be used in all kinds of applications, whether in a warehouse or a shop.

The CAT 2.5 tonne hand pallet truck is durable and like its big brothers, designed to LAST!

  • Excellent manoeuvrability due to 210° steering angle
  • Adjustable pump cap, reliable leak-proof hydraulic system
  • The CAT hand pallet truck has 12 greasing nipples on all moving parts which ensures less wear
  • Ergonomic, large rubber handgrip which is more comfortable for the operator
  • The rollers are mounted in fork tips for effortless pallet entry and exit
  • Choose either polyurethane or nylon drive wheels
  • Optional – Load Weight Indicator

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Hand Pallet Truck Spec Sheet


Warehouse equipment - Power Pallet Trucks

This power pallet range is energy efficiency, durable and easy to maintain. Operators love the comfort of our latest models. Models range from 1.6 to 3.0 tonnes with speeds up to 12.5 kilometres per hour (Depending on model choice).
From the smallest, lightest pedestrian model – easy to carry on a goods vehicle to high-capacity, high-speed – but still highly compact – stand-in models.

The ‘pedestrian’ and ‘platform’ trucks are controlled by cleverly designed tiller arms, with precise and intuitive controls that link the operator almost seamlessly to the truck and the pallet load. Revolutionary ProRide+ which is seen on Cat NPV/NPF platform power pallet trucks.

Taking most of the legwork out of pedestrian pallet handling, the NPP range is ideal for both horizontal movements and vehicle loading and unloading, with industry-leading performance that inspires confidence and boosts productivity in all application.

The Cat range of power pallet trucks include pedestrian, platform, stand-on and sit-on models making them some of the most versatile available.

Power Pallet Trucks Brochure


Warehouse equipment - Stackers

The Cat range of stacker trucks are precision engineered for fast travel and fast lifting, they are smooth, powerful and programmable to suit any application in your warehouse enabling your operators to deliver the productivity you demand.
This range include pedestrian, platform, stand-on and sit-on models designed for stacking pallets up to 6.5 meters and for horizontal transport over both short and long distances. They are available in a wide variety of masts and nominal capacities from 1.0 to 2.0 tonnes, including straddle models for handling wide loads and initial lift models with greater ground clearance for use on ramps and uneven surfaces.

Stackers brochure


Warehouse equipment - Order Pickers

We offer a full range of order pickers including seven low-level models, medium and two high level trucks to suit any requirement you may have in your warehouse. They offer a host of productivity-enhancing and safety features, such as fold down gates, non-slip mats and grab handles, ensuring secure working, even at the highest levels.

Order picking trucks brochure


Reach Trucks

When designing its new NR-N2 and N3 reach truck range, Cat® Lift Trucks focused on increasing profitability by maximising performance, empowering operators and cutting costs. The results can be seen in class-leading residual capacities, innovative ergonomics, high energy efficiency and low maintenance needs.

Cat reach  trucks now boasts three ranges – The N2 & N3 standard and high-performance  NR14-25N2/N3. These two ranges of reach trucks with their poweRamic masts, are by far the class leaders for residual capacity. Depending on the model and mast choice, they offer capacities from 1.4 to 2.0 tonnes and lifts up to 13 metres.

The N2 light range (NR14-16N2L) – These models  are configured for light and medium duties at heights up to 7.5 metres and are perfect for applications and operations where a reach truck is needed for no more than two hours per shift.


An important feature of the Cat® reach truck is the Responsive Drive System (RDS). The advanced mast handling features of RDS speed up lifting and lowering, smooths out the starts and stops during reach movements and give accurate control of tilting and side shifting.

RDS also includes new mast and reach technology, for high stability and minimal sway, and a choice of user-set performance modes or engineer-customised settings for different needs. Maximum lift from the poweRamic mast is an impressive 13 metres, and capacity retention at high lifts is the best in this class.

As an extra, buyers can opt for the latest pre-set height selector. Easier to use than any other available on the market, it allows faster and safer stacking.

With the introduction of these new ranges we can identify the perfect model and configuration for your needs.

Reach Trucks brochure

Warehouse equipment - Reach Trucks

The new N3 generation reach truck is equipped for sustained productivity. Ergonomical and  extremely comfortable, this range was designed for long hours of work.

Unmatched Productivity

Fast but smooth and safe action is assured by automatic drive and hydraulic motion speed controls which adapt to the steering angle and lifting height. The Mast Tilt Control (MTC) damping system – minimises delays and improves stability is standard depending on your mast choice
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Cold Store Cabin Modification

Our factory-fitted cabin with heating and cold store modifications will keep your operators comfortable during those long shifts in freezing conditions. This truck can operate in freezing temperatures of up to -35’C.

Reach Trucks brochure