Forklift Truck Operator Training | Forklift Driver Training

Forklift truck operator training

High quality training leads to a safer and more productive working environment, resulting in fewer accidents and operating costs. Our trainers can deliver a range of accredited forklift truck driver training courses on any make or model forklift, warehouse and access equipment at your premises anywhere in the UK.

Onsite training has the benefit of staff being accredited on the actual equipment they use on a day to day basis in their work environment!




Operator training

From complete novice to instructor level we cater for all levels of abilities:

  • Novice Course – Suitable for anyone wishing to become an operator
  • Experienced Operator Course – Suitable for operators who have never received formal training
  • Refresher Training – Suitable for existing operators who require their certificate to be renewed and for operators who have not operated a truck for a period of time.
  • Conversion Training – Suitable for operators who hold a certificate for one truck and require a certificate for a different type of truck.
  • Familiarisation Training – Recommended when make/model and style of truck is changed and the controls differ.
  • Bespoke Training – Besides our standard training courses we frequently liaise with our customers to create tailored training packages, adapting the course content to suit their exact requirements


Operator training

All of our training courses meet the standards set by the various associations and accredited bodies in each training category including the Association of Industrial Truck Trainers.