The Winter Wizard – a hydraulically driven salt spreader/gritter for use with forklift trucks that will spread all types of salt and grit – brown or white wet or dry. Conveniently placed fork pockets which allow attachment to the front end of a forklift truck or fork lift tines in a safe and effective manner. STANDARD FEATURES:

  • 0.20m³ Mild Steel Hopper to take approximately 250kg of salt
  • Adjustable spread width from 1.3m to 9m (dependant on material)
  • Manually adjustable spread width valve
  • 100mm Stainless Steel “Pozi – Feed” double augers providing positive salt feed even with wet material, driven hydraulically through a heavy duty high load hydraulic motor
  • Pozi-Feed Augers run in maintenance free nylon bushes


The fork mounted Snow Plough is invaluable when the clearing of freshly fallen or compacted snow is required to ease vehicle or pedestrian access i.e. car parks, access roads and service yards. Often used by our customers as yard scrapers in the winter months. STANDARD FEATURES:

  • Fixed left hand sweep angle – 15°
  • Detachable bolted wear strip
  • Stand skids to ensure level scraping
  • Zinc plated twist screws for safe attachment to truck
  • Long lasting galvanised finish


  • Rubber wear strip (as image)


To complement the Snow Plough the Mini Gritter hooks onto the towing eye of a counterbalance forklift and spreads salt grit via a wormdrive driven by the axlewheels. STANDARD FEATURES:

  • Flow of grit regulated to ensure economical usage
  • Agitator mounted in the base of hopper to minimise blockages
  • Majority of parts either galvanised or stainless steel to prevent corrosion
  • Painted finish – non-corrosive


Now that we have sorted the ‘back of house’ you can sort the ‘front of house’ with The Winter Pack. The Winter Pack has everything you need to clear and grit pathways, access areas, steps and any other moving pedestrian area. THE PACK CONSISTS OF:

  • 54kg capacity Polypropylene
  • Pedestrian Salt Spreader
  • 200kg Grit/Rock Salt Bin
  • Snow Shovel
  • 3 x 25kg Bags of Rock Salt