Revolutionary Agility 360 Steering


Time is Money

Shaving precious seconds off your supply chain is key to gaining a competitive advantage. It’s something we all strive towards. But what if we were to tell you that you could save hours by simply upgrading your current forklift?


Pioneering 360 Steering Reduces Cycle Times

The new state-of-the-art Cat® EP14-20A(C)N(T) 48V is the first counterbalance lift truck ever to offer 360° steering. Compared to the standard 180 steering, the revolutionary Cat 3-wheel electric forklift makes turning extremely agile. This has a significant effect on your productivity, with savings of up to 66 hours on cycle times over the course of a year.

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Greater turning speed + Less G-Force = Higher Productivity


The new Cat 3-wheel electric forklift enables the driver to turn and move in the opposite direction (180) in one smooth manoeuvre, without stopping which keeps the load  particularly stable due to smooth but fast flowing turns – this speeds up work as the time it takes to begin driving forwards is sooner.

What can you achieve with those extra hours?


Thanks to greater turning speeds, cycle times are dramatically reduced with savings of approximately 20 minutes per day, per forklift. This equivalates to 5.5 hours per month and 66 hours per year. With these sort of time savings, you will be able to maximise productivity by transporting more loads per shift.

Never before has so much technology and capability been shoe-horned into such a compact range. Combining Power, manoeuvrability, Intelligent control systems and all-weather ability to set new benchmarks in performance and value.

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