The latest comprehensive electric counterbalance range from Cat® Lift Trucks is
built to meet every need whatever the challenges of your shift pattern, application or environment – you can’t beat the energy efficiency, performance, durability and easy maintenance of this range.  It includes 48V 3- and 4-wheel forklifts and heavy duty 80V trucks, offered with both Lead Acid or Lithium-ion batteries.

Cat Lift Trucks boast one of the most modern and complete product ranges in the industry.

Designed to deliver a highly productive work environment and reduced operator fatigue, common features include: a low step height; comfortable compartment, seat and controls; generous leg room; optimal instrument display panel; full or partial cabin options and extremely quiet operation. The Presence Detection System also encourages safer working.


3 Wheel 48V Electrick forklift

At the very forefront of intelligent lift truck technology, the new EP14-20AN compact range of electric forklifts from Cat® Lift Trucks offers a great deal in a small package.

Imagine a forklift that ‘reads’ how the driver is operating the controls and then automatically adjusts its behaviour to optimise stability, safety and comfort. A fork truck that calculates and controls its fastest safe speed in any scenario, whilst preventing tilting or load imbalance to maximise productivity and driver comfort. A truck whose intelligent systems not only elevate productivity, but also operate more efficiently whilst pro-actively creating a safer environment for employees.

Well, not only does this technology exist, but thanks to Cat Lift Trucks it now comes as standard on a range of compact electric machines that won’t break the bank and can even operate in demanding conditions, both inside and out.

Developments in sealing technology have been applied across numerous components to endow the tech-laden trucks with incredible durability that allows them to operate in the harshest of wet, dirty and dusty environments.


48 V Electric Forklift with 360' turning

Our new range of efficient and versatile 3 and 4- wheel, 48V electric trucks are available with lifting capacities from 1.4 – 2.0 tonnes with both lead acid or lithium-ion batteries. With their compact design, amazing manoeuvrability and intelligent control systems, these trucks are the automatic choice when space is tight. Ideal for efficient handling in containers, lorries, drive-in racking and other cramped, fast paced environments, their behaviour rapidly adapts to changes in drivers’ wishes and needs.

Manoeuvrability is smooth and agile thanks to the trucks dual drive ‘4-wheel steering’.

A +100° rear turning axle allows this forklift to be driven sideways without having to push back first. For even greater agility in turning, there is a 360° steering option. This allows the truck to turn and move in the opposite direction (180°) without stopping, and avoids destabilising the load.


3 Wheel, 48V Electric Counterbalance Forklifts

Lithium-ion or Lead Acid 

Model         Capacity     (V)    Load Centre

EP14ANT   – 1.4 tonne – 48v – 500mm

EP16ACNT – 1.6 tonne – 48v – 500mm

EP18ACNT – 1.8 tonne – 48v – 500mm

EP16ANT   – 1.6 tonne – 48v – 500mm

EP18ANT   – 1.8 tonne – 48v – 500mm

EP20ANT  – 2.0 tonne – 48v – 500mm

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4 Wheel, 48V Electric Counterbalance Forklifts 

Lithium-ion or Lead Acid 

Model       Capacity     (V)    Load Centre

EP16ACN – 1.6 tonne – 48v – 500mm

EP18ACN – 1.8 tonne – 48v – 500mm

EP16AN   – 1.6 tonne – 48v – 500mm

EP18AN   – 1.8 tonne – 48v – 500mm

EP20AN  – 2.0 tonne – 48v – 500mm

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80V Electric Forklift Truck

These high powered electric lift trucks range from 2.5 to 3.5 tonnes. They come with a high standard specification which includes – Presence Detection System+ (PDS+), maintenance-free wet disc brakes and IP54 sealing of main components and are designed to cope with intensive duties and tough conditions. They are a pleasure to drive due to their agility, intelligence and comfort.


2.5 – 3.5 tonnes 4 Wheel Electric Counterbalance 

Li-ion or  Lead Acid Batteries

Model     Capacity      (V)    Load Centre

EP25N   – 2.5 tonne – 80v – 500mm

EP25CN – 2.5 tonne – 80v – 500mm

EP30N   – 3.0 tonne – 80v – 500mm

EP30CN – 3.0 tonne – 80v – 500mm

EP35N   – 3.5 tonne – 80v – 500mm


4.0 – 5.5 tonnes 4 Wheel Electric Counterbalance 

Li-ion or Lead Acid Batteries

Model         Capacity     (V)    Load Centre

EP40N   – 4.0 tonne – 80v – 500mm

EP45N   – 4.5 tonne – 80v – 500mm

EP50N   – 5.0 tonne – 80v – 500mm

EP50NH – 5.0 tonne – 80v – 600mm

EP55NH – 5.5 tonne – 80v – 600mm


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CAT Cabins electric counterbalance forklift

All of our electric counterbalance trucks can be fitted with cabins to suit your application.
We would be happy to provide you with more details.

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Cat 4.0 - 5.5 tonne Counterbalance Forklifts

4.5 tonne counterbalance forklift

Designed and built in Europe, the all-new Cat 4.0 to 5.5 tonne counterbalance forklifts offer a remarkable set of capabilities that achieve new benchmarks in electric lift truck performance, while at the same time being more energy-efficient – and deliver the lowest total cost of ownership yet seen within their class. Each of the six models in the EP40-55(C)N(H) range is designed to maximise every possible electric advantage, challenging their counterpart diesel forklifts in terms of power and efficiency, while emitting zero pollution during operation. The trucks are also well protected against the elements, with major components such as the traction motors and controllers achieving IP54 and IP65 ratings respectively.

This new range really does present the most powerful case yet for moving from diesel to electric power. For many applications, its elevated performance and ability to operate seamlessly both in and outdoors, even in harsh environments and heavy weather conditions, will be hard to ignore.

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