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5 reasons why Short-Term Rental will work for you

Whether you have 1 truck or 100 in your fleet, hiring material handling equipment on a short-term basis gives your business an enormous amount of flexibility. Often deployed to by third party logistics companies to meet high peaks of demand, however, there are plenty of other reasons why we believe short-term rental will work for you.

  1. Reduce cash tied up in stock
    Having your hands on cold, hard cash means you can put that money to good use in other areas of your business. By using short term rental, it means a large amount of money is not tied up in inventory, which allows you spend it on streamlining your operations or investing in new market leading machinery to make you even more competitive. It also gives you that added flexibility as you aren’t relying as heavily on predicted sales volumes coming in month after month.
  2. Product Evaluation + Training
    Thinking about changing equipment in the near future? Hiring a forklift for a week or month is a great way to allow key stakeholders, such as drivers, to thoroughly evaluate a specific model before committing your hard-earned cash to a long-term contract. It also is a great way to train people on new equipment whilst your waiting for your fleet of new trucks to arrive on-site.
  3. Spoilt Fork choice
    When searching for a short-term hire truck, it is likely that your forklift dealer will have an extensive range of lift trucks of all ages in their fleet, to choose from. For instance, we at Impact have over 1,200 in our fleet and the average age is just 23 months! The result? You get access to a truck which is more reliable and fit for purpose, helping to boost productivity.
  4. Emergency Replacement
    Shhh…We’re going to let you in on a secret – if your forklift is being driven around the clock, day after day, as well as coming up against some challenging applications (builders yard or warehouse), there is a good chance a breakdown is going to happen at some point.Fortunately, in most cases your supplier is likely to provide maintenance cover within a short term deal. If it can’t be repaired, the least they will do is swap it with another vehicle in their fleet (and swiftly!) so you can be assured your operation will stay up and running.
  5. Shorter lead times
    One of the biggest reasons while professionals like yourself, use short term hire is because the time from order to delivery is often extremely short (especially compared to a long-term rental). This ensures that production doesn’t come to a halt and your business can carry on churning out those orders!