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Are you employing seasonal staff this year? Will it affect your warehouse safety Statistics show that accidents often increase when large numbers of additional staff are taken on by a warehouse. They may be young and inexperienced. They may be new to each other, to the job or to your way of working.   We… Full Story

BLACK FRIDAY SHORT TERM RENTAL DEAL CLAIM 10% OFF YOUR NEXT FORKLIFT HIRE After a strange year, we want to begin the next one on the right note! That’s why we are giving 10% off any short term forklift hire taking place between January – March 2021 in our Black & Yellow Friday Event. Simply… Full Story

WHY YOU SHOULDN’T BE AVOIDING THEM The best way to keep your forklift fleet in optimal condition and to ensure maximum efficiency and productivity is by maintaining a strict regime of maintenance and repair. This regime must start with you and your operators! Over and above any planned routine maintenance and thorough examinations you may… Full Story

Saving Money & Time Whether your business operates one piece of material handling equipment or hundreds, simply by changing the way you think about your fleet can bring real and immediate benefits to your business. How do significant cost savings sound? Or what about increasing the efficiency of your operation? Maybe easing your cash flow… Full Story

There are certain costs associated with hiring a forklift on a short term which are a given: delivery to site and collection, truck hire fee, fuel, and breakdown are to name a few. It’s also extremely useful to be aware of all the hidden costs which you can incur. The last thing you want is… Full Story