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Cat Reach Trucks – Maximum choice for perfect application matching

Impact meets all needs with 26-model Cat® reach truck range


Impact Handling is ready to solve any reach truck challenge, thanks to an expanded and upgraded line-up from Cat® Lift Trucks.


“The last two years have seen 11 extra models added – followed more recently by a fine-tuning programme for the existing reach trucks,” says Steve Shakespeare, Impact’s CEO. “We now offer a massive choice, with 26 base models and a long list of optional features. Whatever the customer’s operation, circumstances and preferences, we can find the ideal fit.”


Steve continues, “Our popular N2 reach trucks already covered most applications, but the additional N3 ranges allow for further possibilities. In our application surveys we first consider fundamentals like aisle width, racking height, and maximum load weight at each level. Next, we look at the specific demands of the driver’s job, which vary greatly between businesses. With that information, we can decide which model and set-up will optimise his or her performance.”

N2 and N3 Reach Truck Model Ranges

Both N2 and N3 reach truck ranges offer top levels of ergonomics and comfort. N2 has particular advantages for drivers who get on and off the truck many times during a shift. Along with its lower step and seat height, it has an adjustable steering assembly which lifts up easily for obstacle-free entry and exit. It then returns quickly to the original preferred position.


The N3 range may have the edge in operations where drivers spend long hours in the seat and rarely leave the truck except for breaks. Its Palm Steering and multifunctional joystick, both on adjustable armrests, allow a relaxed driving position and enable control with minimal movement. A tiltable seat minimises strain when viewing loads at height, while the floor can be electrically raised or lowered to suit the driver.

Driver Preference

“Often it comes down to what the customer or the drivers prefer,” Steve adds. “We find, for example, that those who operate Cat counterbalance trucks as well as reach trucks like the familiarity of the N2’s controls and displays. They include a more conventional steering wheel and an armrest-mounted fingertip hydraulic control unit. We can change things around though. For instance, if you wish, you can now have an N2 with dual joysticks and a dual pedal that incorporates direction change. It’s up to you.”

Multiple Variants for Specific Requirements

As well as standard N2 and N3 models, there are high-performance (H) variants for heavier loads and/or higher lifts. Extra-high lifting (X) models allow the highest lifts of all – up to 13 metres in one case. N2 standard, H and X trucks, featuring poweRamic masts, are the class leaders for residual capacity. Compact (C) models are adapted for use in drive-in racking.


Straddle (S) models are another variant to consider. They can retract pallets up to 1,000 mm wide between their load legs – without first having to lift them above load leg height. There’s no need for a beam under the lowest pallet in the racking, as the truck can lift from floor level. In addition, this solution is useful when clearance between the top of the load and the lower edge of the beam above is limited. It also helps in situations where bagged materials bulge over the edges, making the load wider than a pallet.

Reach Trucks for Light Work

For applications in which a reach truck is used for less than two hours per shift, light (L) models are a cost-effective option. They are designed for light and medium duties with lift heights up to 7.5 metres, depending on model and mast choice.

Multidirectional Trucks

The Cat reach truck portfolio is completed by multidirectional (M) models. These are highly specialised for handling exceptionally long loads in narrow aisles. You can choose between the N3 four-way and N2 multi-way ranges. Four-way trucks move forwards, backwards and from side to side. They can also rotate on the spot. To those, the multi-way models add diagonal and other modes for the ultimate in versatile mobility.

A reach truck for every situation

Steve Shakespeare concludes: “We truly have a reach truck for every situation. Each comes with a generous standard specification, to which we can make job-specific changes and additions. Popular options include telescopic forks, pre-set height selectors, transparent overhead guard roofs and insulated cabins. Most models also offer a choice between lithium-ion and lead-acid batteries.”


Finally, Steve stresses that each product benefits from Cat quality and Impact customer care. “You can expect high levels of power, performance, and advanced control technology, along with cost-saving efficiency, durability and low maintenance requirements. What’s more, our first-class, nationwide service and support will keep your business moving, for maximum productivity and profit.”

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