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Fresh from the Cat® Lift Trucks innovation factory

Latest warehouse range updates keep Impact ahead in materials handling

Leading UK materials handling supplier Impact is stepping up its support for warehouse operations, thanks to non-stop product development at Cat® Lift Trucks.

“The rate at which new Cat® products, innovations and upgrades are being introduced is outstanding,” says Steve Shakespeare Impact Handling’s CEO. “We are now better placed than ever to meet every need with our comprehensive Cat warehouse equipment range. What’s more, each truck comes with all the advanced technology, quality, and dependability our customers have come to expect from Cat forklifts.”

Industry Firsts

One of many technological breakthroughs in the last two years is ProRide+, as seen on Cat NPV/NPF platform power pallets. This system solves the age-old problem of how to combine effective traction, damping and stability.

Its uniquely designed floating drive unit works with extra friction force from the hydraulic system. By maximising drive wheel pressure and traction, it prevents wheelspin on slippery surfaces and optimises braking performance.

The ProRide+ system also features a unique castor wheel design. It uses variable damping to minimise shocks and vibration, however rough the floor or ground. Meanwhile, the castor wheel’s locking function maintains strong stability when cornering, with or without a load.

Another industry first on these trucks is the option of electrically adjustable damping on fixed platform versions. At the touch of a button, its setting can be adapted to each operator’s weight and preference.

Expanded Choices

As well as improving the ergonomics, performance, productivity and cost-effectiveness of their products, Cat warehouse truck designers have expanded customer choice. For example, there are now 26 reach truck models to choose from, including light, standard, high-performance, four-way and multi-way ranges. The ideal model can then be matched perfectly to specific applications through programming and a wide selection of options.

For the highly specialised world of VNA (very narrow aisle) warehousing, two new product categories have extended the Cat portfolio. One is a man-down VNA truck range, combining in-aisle storage-maximising efficiency with out-of-aisle mobility. It can be used to transport goods to and from the racking, as well as stacking and retrieving within it. This means there is no need for feeder trucks or P&D (pick-up and deposit) stations at aisle ends.

More specialised still is the Cat man-up turret truck range, designed for ultra-efficient stacking and order picking in high VNA racking. Each truck is custom-built, following a detailed site and operation study by a VNA consultant, to fit its application precisely. Modular construction allows almost infinite variation in cabin size, design and furnishing, truck width, mast and fork specifications, and other equipment.

Clever Alternatives

The Cat range covers all common conventional warehouse truck types, along with some more unusual choices. Impact urges customers to be open-minded. “If you’re currently operating pedestrian or platform trucks, for instance, take a look at our ‘stand-in’ concept,” says Steve. “This is an area in which the trucks’ designers have been building on their long-established world leadership.”

He continues: “Our stand-in stackers and stand-in pallet trucks allow you to make fuller use of your valuable warehouse space. They also speed up every process. Compared to platform models, they have a more compact footprint and are more manoeuvrable, so you can make your aisles narrower. The stackers also have superior lifting abilities, so you can increase your racking height and store heavier loads at each level.”

Steve concludes: “The latest developments have strengthened an already comprehensive Cat warehouse line-up – and there are many more to come. We will be very happy to find you the right solution and back it with first-class, nationwide service and support.”